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Canned Seafood


canned seafoodVimpex International is a major importer of a wide variety of albacore tuna, skipjack tuna, crab, shrimp, sardines, and other processed seafood products from around the world. In addition to canned seafood products, we also process seafood into aseptic pouches. We offer year-round availability, consistent high quality, and private-label expertise.

In addition to private-label packaging, Vimpex International packages top brands of canned seafood including our own Island's Finest brand. All of our seafood products are processed according to strict U.S. FDA standards to lock in product quality, nutrition, and flavor.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Vimpex International's seafood sourcing capabilities.

About Canned Seafood

Canned tuna was first produced in 1903, quickly becoming popular. Tuna is canned in edible oils, in brine, in water, in various sauces. In the United States, 52% of canned tuna is used for sandwiches; 22% for salads; and 15% for casseroles and dried, packaged meal mixes.

In the United States, only Albacore can legally be sold in canned form as "white meat tuna"; in other countries, yellowfin is also acceptable. While in the early 1980s canned tuna in Australia was most likely Southern bluefin, as of 2003 it was usually yellowfin, skipjack, or tongol (labelled "northern bluefin").

As tunas are often caught far from where they are processed, poor interim conservation can lead to spoilage. Tuna is typically gutted by hand, and later pre-cooked for prescribed times of perhaps 45 minutes to three hours. The fish are then cleaned and filleted, canned, and sealed, with the dark lateral blood meat often separately canned for pet food. The sealed can itself is then heated (called retort cooking) for 2 to 4 hours. This process kills any bacteria, but retains the histamine that can produce rancid flavors. The international standard sets the maximum histamine level at 200 milligrams per kilogram. An Australian study of 53 varieties of unflavored canned tuna found none to exceed the safe histamine level, although some had "off" flavors.

Canned Seafood is a Food Product Sourced By Vimpex International